Social Media Marketing

We are the classical search lead agency. We love studying consumer behaviour and always want to dig deeper to run analytics to understand what action on our site or campaign drives the behaviour. Running great search campaigns is the best way to demonstrate our passion for microscopic execution skills.
World is Social and Social is the World. People spend an average of 116 minutes daily on social media. Teens spend as much as 9 hours every day. 60% of this time is spent on mobile devices. Social media ads can be a great paid advertising option for any business- B2C or B2B. Social media platforms offer a wealth of demographic and behavioural targeting options to reach your message to the exact target audience. In a social ad campaign, we can tap into this data in order to target your audience on a very specific level. Social media advertising also benefits by massive reach potential-one in five page views on the internet in India are on Facebook.
Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users (almost a 3rd of the planet's population) spending an average of 1. Facebook's advertising platform offers the best reach and targeting options.
Welcome to India's 2nd most viewed TV channel. 30 million viewers watch more than 5 billion videos every day. YouTube video ads are an engaging way to connect with your target audience. YouTube's retargeting options allow you to use the same snippet of code to show tailored ads to millions of YouTube viewers.
Instagram is the twin sister of Facebook. Youth love Instagram as much as they love FB. Its cool, trendy and brief just like its TG. 90% of Instagram users are below 35 years of age. It's the biggest congregation of global youth with over 450 million daily active users.
Linked In
LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B companies. Other benefits of advertising on LinkedIn are to recruit the right talent for your organization. If you want to build thought leadership for your top management and promoters, LinkedIn is the go to platform. Its professional focus allows you to easily target key decision makers by industry, company, job title, experience level and so on. LinkedIn also allows B2B companies to break through the clutter of B2C advertising and reach the right decision makers effectively.
Twitter is a real-time engagement and interaction platform both for B2C as well as B2B companies. There are 110 million high profile, engaged and vocal people tweeting and re-tweeting over 550 million tweets daily.